Keep it together, when it comes to business.

Lite is one single platform, that makes running a business simple.

Single = Simple

We believe running a business should be simple. Our vision is to consolidate your workflow into one platform, a place where you can do all your day-to-day tasks with one single login. Lite makes it easy to see all of your data, so you can make the best decisions for your business.


Lite Business Cloud

Lite Business Cloud seamlessly integrates all your business tools together into one cloud-based system. You can sync sales with orders, or bookings with tasks, and automatically turn quotes into projects, and projects into invoices.


Lite Insight

Go from starting a business, to growing one. Lite Insight uses smart algorithms to translate real-time data into performance summaries. You can see what’s happening now and months ahead, which means you’ll have a transparent view of your business and confidently plan ahead.


Why Lite?

As experienced business owners, we found it really difficult to manage a business on multiple platforms. That’s why we developed Lite.

Increase your productivity

You can be more productive by letting Lite take care of your day-to-day operations. Use the dashboard action points for clear guidance.

Streamline your workflow

Have all your work streams linked up and working together. No more re-entering data; your invoices are linked to payments, and your projects are linked to billings.

Make instant payments

Your payment transactions are seamlessly set up. Make instant payments in any size or form, from bank transfer, credit card or cash.

Access from anywhere

As a cloud-based system you can access all your information on any device, wherever you are. It makes perfect sense, and life easier.

Relax with a simple design

Lite has an intuitive interface that is designed for everyone. Although the functions are powerful, the design is human.

Spend time on what you love

Spend less time on menial operations, and more time with doing what you love.

Working together

As you keep making your business better, we’ll keep improving ours. We’re a customer and community-led platform that listen to our customer's feedback, and continuously making the improvement to benefit all businesses and keeping the platform current and relevant to everyone business owners.

Community driven support

Our small business community encourages passionate owners to discuss and redefine business everyday.

Our community
SLA support

We’re working on offering SLA support. We know how crucial instant support can be, so we’ll let you know when we’re up and ready.

Coming soon
Platform roadmap

We like to be open and show you exactly what’s coming. As like-minded business owners, we like the idea of transparent policies and promises.

Platform roadmap

A light price

We believe in shared success. Our community is one of our biggest product features. We’ll work together to build a platform that works for everyone for a small fee.

Lite Private Beta

This is your chance to try Lite free for three years. Please give us feedback on how we can make it better.

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